We Believe


  • The Bible is the Word of God – eternal truth and the only solid foundation for faith and living. Through it we understand...
  • God presents Himself as a Trinity – Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit, unified diversity and diversity unified! – the Three in One eternal, almighty, everlasting God. 
  • Mankind is the unique creation of the Trinity, reflected in that divinely unified diversity as male and female;  made in God’s image, originally holy but corrupted in nature due to conception by flawed parentage (original sin), resulting from Adam and Eve’s choice in the garden contrary to God’s expressed will.

  • Jesus is the Christ, the promised Messiah of the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures.  He is the Son of God and Son of the virgin Mary, true God, born as truly man to be the Savior of the world.  Taking on Himself the sin on all people, He died on the cross to secure the just and full payment of our deliverance from sin, death, and the devil.  He arose from death, guaranteeing eternal life to those that trust Him.
  • Salvation, the promise of eternal life in heaven, is assured by the gift of God’s grace (undeserved and unearned), secured through faith (a relationship of trust), in Jesus Christ - crucified, risen and coming again as Lord of all.
  • God’s activity in baptism and the Lord’s Supper makes them “sacraments”.  Human elements of water, bread and wine, connected with the commanded words of Jesus, are means through which God conveys saving grace, i.e. forgiveness of sins, life (healing, help, and more – all!), and salvation.
  • The Holy Spirit is present and active among God’s people to keep them steadfast in the faith and empowered to live according to God’s Word and to serve in the world.
  • The Church is the sum of all believers in Jesus among every tribe, nation, language and people.  The local body of Christ is made of congregations, gatherings of the Savior’s followers, committed to His Word, as well as to His mission and ministry (to reach all people with the Good News message about Jesus and His saving work) and to each other.
  • You (and all) are invited to journey with us in the adventure of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.